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Saturday, May 29, 2010


Well we have finally seen the last ever episode of LOST!! Funny really, there was a time this reporter can remember when LOST was annoying a lot of viewers near the end of season 2, and the viewers wanted to know where it was all going? Why were they there, our stranded passengers of the Oceanic Airplane bound for, where else, but L.A. Of course, not U.K or another part of the U.S.A. So what happened then? Did we watch 6 years of this show to find out that they were already dead? Don't get me wrong, I am a fan, a fan touched by this genius format. But where did it leave us all? Where did it leave you? I would love to know, so send in your comments.

In the meantime, I am hoping to explain what I thought really happened.

The whole 6 seasons were all about Jack's quest, no, his fight to get some sort of hold on his out of control, rollercoaster life. All the other characters were an imagining perhaps of what would have happened had he known them, or in fact he did crash on that island, died and all the spirits were around him, the island was an inbetween before you move on to the unknown. So Jacob, was a sort of St Peter I expect, and his smoke monster brother was the rebel who wanted to change it all and bring evil to the outside world. So he was the devil, well sort of.

The other characters I think, were representing his fears and loves in his life. The wanting girlfriend, Kate, something he didn't have in his real life. A com padre right hand man, Sawyer, invented perhaps like a childhood adventure of Tom Sawyer and I suppose Jack was Huckleberry Finn. Then there was John Locke, perhaps one of Jack's patients in the past that he managed to save from being a cripple for the rest of his life and disallowed failure to remain in his stagnant dead mind. Moving on we have the British rebel rockstar, Charlie. Someone who may represent the out of control, creative side to Jack. Maybe he loved the Rolling Stones and other british rock bands in his youth and needed that comfort to build up his courage, his fearless youth. Who's next, yes Jin and Sun. I feel Jack was a cultured man, who may have visited Indonesia or Korea on his travels before or respected their culture, so perhaps the cute Korean couple gave him stability to help explain his failed marriage. The other characters I feel were also imaginings by Jack as he sat on that plane and wondered what they were all like. So he put his own spin on it. LOST will no doubt manage to amaze those viewers who decided to bail out of the LOST cruiser and not watch them all from end of season 2. I say to them, you are truly lost if you do not, you will not witness true greatness of our lifetime. The most highly watched and probably will remain the most highly watched piece of television of all time.

We will all miss the intensity, the moving soundtrack and the quirky emotional and uplifting characters of JJ Abrahms awe inspiring masterpiece.

By Jefferson N.E King

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  1. What a lovely synopsis of the final Lost episode and a great write up on the whole package itself. A truly remarkable piece of TV history.

    Nicola King