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Saturday, May 29, 2010


A very long running tv show, the modern day telling of Superman, the man of steel. Well, the boy of aluminium at the moment, but he has a lot of heart, and if I may say, the person meant to play Superman but actor Tom Welling has a big problem with wearing the tights! Interesting.

Talking of the next Superman movie entitled MAN OF STEEL, The Dark Knight director and auteur Mr Chris Nolan and his Brother are going to be taking the reigns to put back what they did for the failing Batman franchise. They will inject their magic on this one too and make the new Superman, who will not be played by Superman Returns Brandon Routh this time around. The search is on for a new one, the story portrays an already established Superman who isnt as strong as lifting planets strong like in the Christopher Reeves films, no this Superman is a bit of a playboy Clark Kent, but still manages to keep the innocence, and his parents are still going to be alive in this one. Anyway, I am straying from the Smallville point! Watch out for MAN OF STEEL , summer 2012.

Backtracking to Smallville now, the adventures were like X Files mixed in with Dawsons Creek. Then got darker into Supernatural mode and has evened out nicely to be true to the mythology.
The episodes follow a youngish Clark Kent (no spectacles) as he learns to harness his powers and geniously does not have them all from the start, he develops them as time goes on. Usually a new one or two each season. But still he cannot fly. He can jump though, really really high! So now on smallville, major Zod, his arch enemy has accidentally time travelled to Earth with a pick of his Kandorian buddies or army if you like, and raising havoc on Clarky poos.

The show has been cancelled so only one more season left. Bring back Micheal Rosenbaum I say, he was Lex Luthor and disapeared three seasons too early. So the last season should at least confirm that he is not dead. Nevertheless, its really good and covers things that we always wondered about how Superman got what he did, when he did and how he did. We still have Doomsday the monster that kills Superman in the future, to return and other cretins after his young blood. Will Clark learn to fly in time or will they leave it to a film to give us that. Oh and Lois Lane is really starting to fall for Clark. But of course they got a long way to go from working in the basement of the Daily Planet and Perry White has just joined the company as an editor. Sets it all up nicely.

Watch SMALLVILLE when you can. Hope you dont mind 9 seasons of it! That should pass some time.

By Jefferson King

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